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AnchorHello! My name is Hufsa Kamal and I am a broadcast journalism student at American University. I’ve lived in many cities throughout the United States and  currently reside in Washington D.C. However, I consider the charming, southern state of Tennessee my home.

I started out my undergraduate years on the pre-dentistry track, but quickly realized I was more interested in journalism. So, I participated in journalism related internships with companies including Deliciously Vintage Chicago and Journal Communications, Inc. I have also blogged for Examiner.com and Deliciously Vintage Chicago before the company closed its doors last year.

I am bilingual, with fluency in Urdu and the ability to read Arabic. I speak an intermediate level of French as well. I wish to utilize my language skills and multicultural competency in my future journalism career.

I am an advocate for women’s rights in predominantly Islamic countries where women are seldom heard. I wish to be a voice for those who have been shut down by corrupt politicians and fundamentalist groups. Especially in my family’s home country, Pakistan, the future may seem dismal. However, I believe the youth of this generation can be the guiding light through the darkness. I wish to be part of a movement that serves as a benchmark for changing the political and social climate of Pakistan and ultimately paving the way for a brighter future.

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